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What is an ivalue?

Smart investors never invest without an ivalue.Property is a numbers game, and an ivalue gives you the numbers you need to make smart investment decisions. It tells you a maximum value you should pay for the property, the expected return, and forecasts the annual cash flow surplus, or shortage, for each of the next five years.

Most valuations estimate value using recent comparable sales. An ivalue does much more. It includes all of the other factors critical to your investment decision: interest rates, capital improvements to the property, changes in rental returns, property outgoings, and how you intend to finance the purchase. All of these factors affect the return you could expect to make for your investment, and should be taken into account when you are considering a new property investment.

An ivalue is also essential when reviewing an existing portfolio. What return can you expect from each of your existing properties? Which property should be sold? Are there better investments available? ivalue answers those questions.

How should I use an ivalue?

Three easy steps to receiving an ivalue.An ivalue will give you critical information necessary to make wise property investment decisions. It should be used:

  • When evaluating a property for investment.

  • Negotiating a purchase.

  • Reviewing an existing property investment or portfolio.


How accurate is an ivalue?

Valuations are an estimate, and should be used to assist the investment process, it should not dominate the investment process. An ivalue makes assumptions about the future, and the results will vary according to the assumptions made. When submitting information for an ivalue, your will be offered default assumptions based on the best available projections.

How do I obtain an ivalue for a property?

There are three steps to complete. 

Step 1. Obtain an access code. 

This access code is unique to each user and entitles the user to a certain number of valuations, depending on the access plan purchased.


Plan one: 1 ivaluation for $20
Plan two: 3 ivaluations for $40 
Plan three: 5 ivaluations for $60
Plan four: 10 ivaluations for $100


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Step 2. Enter the access code to enter the data entry page.


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Step 3: Enter the property data.

We will prepare the report and email it to you in PDF form. Please allow up to 24 hours to prepare the report. 

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